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It was really exciting seeing the elephant for the first time and immersed myself in the

challenge of turning my relaitvely small 2D design into a huge 3D finished artwork.

Working alongside many other creative people in the warehouse was very inspiring and we

offered each other lots of support and the lots of cups of tea. Once our elephants were complete,

we had to varnish them, to give a super protective coat.

herd of Sheffield 8 sun herd of sheffield 7 herd of sheffield 8 herd of sheffield 9

Here is the finished elephant. I was really pleased to see how the varnish

brought out the depth of the colours.

Herd of Sheffield background 10 herd of sheffield 10 herd of sheffield 11 herd of sheffield 12

Here is the the elephant roaming in the wild in The Sheffield Botanical Gardens.

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Here is a column I wrote about the project for the Sheffield Telegraph.