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This is a project for the Uk's first ever art show rally. The idea was for a charity rally from Sheffield to

Monte Carlo. There were 22 teams of 3 drivers each in cars costing less than £650 (hence banger).


Each car had a bonnet designed and painted by a local artist- luckily I was one of these artists.


The bonnets once painted were displayed in the Winter Gardens all the way

through August 2018


After the exhibition, the bonnets were reunited with their cars and the rally begin in late September.

The cars passed through many exciting checkpoints on their way to Monte Carlo.

Once there, the bonnets were shipped back and auctioned off to raise as much money as possible for Roundabout, a local charity for the homeless in Sheffield.


My car and bonnet were sponsored by Hamilton Plant. A big thanks

to Tom there who provided a great space for me to work in.

logo 2 sun 2 logo bangers bonnet 1 bonnet 2 bonnet 3 bonnet 4 bonnet 5 bonnet 6 Bangers in progress