My name is James Croft. I have been an illustrator for 25 years and have had more than 30 children's books published to date. Over the last few years,

I have worked on many exciting public art projects. I really thrive on new challenges and find constant inspiration from the city of Sheffield, where

I live with my two daughters. I'm also frequently found cycling and walking round the spectacular Peak District, a place close to my heart.

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I have a studio at Bloc Projects in Sheffield. It gives me a fantastic

opportunity to to work alongside so many other creative people.

I really like to doodle and scribble away on bits of paper or anything I can find. I often have my best ideas when I

just let my mind wander off somewhere...


I also have a website dedicated to my fine art paintings.

Please click on the image to see more of my work.

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I am represented by Advocate Art