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Development Work

This is a pitch for a washing powder commercial, commissioned

by Aardman Animation. The brief was to design two monsters.

One small monster, and the other, his big brother,

for a story about discovery.

I started by letting my imagination wonder and doing dozens of thumbnail sketches of monsters.

frame 1 frame 2

Final Designs

Final Artwork

Character Studies

Once the client had chosen their favourite monsters, I did a couple of pages of character studies, showing the monsters in different positions and moods.

Once the final monster design was approved, I drew two animation frames to see the monster brothers in action.

cloud 1

Here is the coloured artwork from a animation frame. It was used in the pitch to the

washing powder client, however, they decided to change direction and use another idea.

It was amazing to be involved with a world renowned animation company,

and the experience I gained is invaluable.